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To express a text well, to read it with feeling that matches what it means, is one of the best ways to understand it. In order to match the proper expression to each word or phrase, you have to understand both the meaning of the words and the grammar of each sentence. Expression is such a powerful comprehension strategy because it instantly increases your access to meaning as you read.

Daily practice in expressive reading is now a regular part of my reading instruction. I like the kids to give readings frequently based on their favorite passages in books of their choice.

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I once asked a drama teacher who also taught reading what he thought the connection was between expression in drama and understanding a text. I teach expressive reading just like I teach everything else: by giving students authentic strategies they can use to achieve the best results. Go Slow.

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To increase expression, most readers have to lower their speed. Sentence High and Low. Start a bit higher in pitch at the beginning of a sentence then, as you approach the end, gradually lower the pitch of your voice. Sentence Fast and Slow. Start out at a good clip but taper off your speed just slightly as you near the end. Up at the End for a Question Mark.

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The pitch of your voice should go up at the end of a question. Straight Up for an Exclamation Mark. Shoot your voice straight up in both pitch and volume if you see an exclamation mark.

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Pay attention to punctuation. Treat colons, semi-colons, and dashes just like commas. Character High, Narrator Low. In passages that contain dialog, raise the pitch of your voice for spoken parts the dialog , lower the pitch for attributions the "He saids and She saids and other text by the narrator. Emphasize the Important Word. Pick one key word in a sentence and call attention to it by raising the volume of your voice, changing tone, or stretching it out to make it last just a bit longer than normal.

This strategy should also be used very subtly. This is the set of strategies I use to get kids started with expressive reading.

The Importance of Reading Books with Expression

If I work on these for a while, maybe a week or two, until thekids really get them down, I usually see great improvement in expression and comprehension from virtually everyone. I introduce the strategies through choral reading practice. I make sure everyone has the same text, usually a work of fiction that I know most students can read fairly easily. Pro: The with statement can help reduce file size by reducing the need to repeat a lengthy object reference without performance penalty.

The scope chain change required by 'with' is not computationally expensive. Use of 'with' will relieve the interpreter of parsing repeated object references. Note, however, that in many cases this benefit can be achieved by using a temporary variable to store a reference to the desired object. Contra: The with statement forces the specified object to be searched first for all name lookups. Therefore all identifiers that aren't members of the specified object will be found more slowly in a 'with' block.

Where performance is important, 'with' should only be used to encompass code blocks that access members of the specified object. Contra: The with statement makes it hard for a human reader or JavaScript compiler to decide whether an unqualified name will be found along the scope chain, and if so, in which object.

So given this example:. Only when f is called is x either found or not, and if found, either in o or if no such property exists in f 's activation object, where x names the first formal argument. If you forget to define x in the object you pass as the second argument, or if there's some similar bug or confusion, you won't get an error -- just unexpected results.

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Contra: Code using with may not be forward compatible, especially when used with something other than a plain object. Consider this example:. If you call f [1,2,3], obj in an ECMAScript 5 environment, then the values reference inside the with statement will resolve to obj. So, in a JavaScript environment that supports ECMAScript , the values reference inside the with statement could resolve to [1,2,3]. However, in this particular example, Array. If it were not, one can see how this would be a difficult issue to debug.

The following with statement specifies that the Math object is the default object. The statements following the with statement refer to the PI property and the cos and sin methods, without specifying an object.

Reading with Expression: 5 Teaching Tips and a Free Printable

JavaScript assumes the Math object for these references. Get the latest and greatest from MDN delivered straight to your inbox.

Use of the with statement is not recommended, as it may be the source of confusing bugs and compatibility issues. See the "Ambiguity Contra" paragraph in the "Description" section below for details. The recommended alternative is to assign the object whose properties you want to access to a temporary variable.

The compatibility table on this page is generated from structured data. Last modified: Mar 18, , by MDN contributors. Related Topics.