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A rogue with zero experience. So let me give you your first demonstration of what a true enforcer does. Watch carefully. I tore my eyes from his shining aura. The coffee shop was busy but not full, with groups of two and three people scattered around the free-floating tables—mostly college students or businesspeople escaping the office.

People firmly rooted in reality, not looking at dirty souls and talking about illumi-something enforcers and Primordium.

I focused on the group of four people to my right. Like everyone else in the room, they had gray dollops peeking through the V-necks of their shirts and flecks of black soot defiling their hands and wrists. I rarely let myself use my soul-sight around people; despite my discomfort, it was heady to use it so blatantly now.

Of course, to them it just looked like I was staring rudely. I swiveled back to Kyle and blinked against his brightness. Unobtrusively, I leaned against the table while the world spun back into color. Hardly enough brain matter to function. Just enough to recognize food and attack it. Not good. I wished I were back at home with my cat, Mr.

Bond, and a good book or a TV show. Something ordinary. I did not want to be talking with the only other known person with soul-sight who kept insisting there were evil creatures visible to only us. I felt like a character in a horror movie right before they slowly turn around and come face-to-face with a monster. I scanned the room again. Books and CDs. Coffee bags. Movement under the nearest table caught my attention.

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Even the sullied souls of the sadistic still glowed with light undertones. Nothing living was all black—it was life that made everything glow. The tiny fluff ball of blackness was darker than the inanimate objects around it. It was black—solid black. Impossibly black. The imp cocked its head at me, clearly curious.

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Curious meant it could think. Curious meant it was trying to puzzle me out. Abandoning my job hunt and moving back in with my parents suddenly seemed like a great idea. I lurched to my feet, sending my chair careening into the people behind me. Scrambling around the table, I put distance between myself and the creature. Its eyes tracked me. It hopped out from under the table until it was less than two feet away from me. I tensed to flee.

Kyle waved his radiant hand in front of the imp the way a matador waves a cape for a bull. Like a bull, the imp charged.

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I squealed. The imp disappeared. I spun around, looking for more. Like the first one, the dark creatures were fixated on him. In a group they lunged. I jumped back, tripping over a chair. Windmilling my arms, I fought for balance while trying to keep the evil creatures in my sight, but gravity won.

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In a cacophony of wood and metal and flesh, I crashed to the floor. When I looked back at Kyle, the imps were gone. Reality popped like my ears had just unplugged.

I blinked. The world swam. I rolled to my side. From my position on the gritty floor, I could see a circle of black-clad feet, and more approaching. Everyone in the coffee shop had gone deafeningly quiet, making the cheerful jazz sound like it was blaring. Can you die from embarrassment? I patted at my hair, pulling a bit of muffin out of a clump and wiping my hand on a napkin. And I assured everyone that I was fine, convincing no one.

How could I be fine? Worse, there were evil creatures that lived alongside us, visible only in Primordium. Creatures that gazed upon me and Kyle with the same loving look I reserved for triple chocolate fudge cake.

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Somehow Kyle had made them disappear, but for all I could tell, it was magic, because how did you use a sight to make something vanish? I am really looking forward to the next book in this imaginative series. I recommend this to Urban Fantasy fans everywhere.

The characters are unique and fresh…This book was full of action, possible love interests, monsters and crazy sleuthing. I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh, a great read and enter a whole new world. The plot worked well and kept me on my toes, and had me turning the pages…I look forward to so much more!

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It was such a fun, laugh out loud at times, read, and I enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Even the names of the chapters were funny.

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If we still rated with stars, it would be a 5 star one for sure. Neighboring regions report an uncharacteristic flare-up of evil, fire-breathing salamanders blaze unchecked across the city, and Black Friday looms. Trapped doing cleanup amid mobs of holiday shoppers, Madison watches from the sidelines as dubious allies insinuate themselves in her region. As suspicions kindle and the mysterious evil gains strength, Madison must determine who she can trust—and whose rules to follow—before her region and career go up in flames. Soundlessly, it sprang an inch into the air, disconnecting from the puddle and becoming a seventh fully formed imp.

The imps turned, attention snagged by the bright waving light.

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As one, they opened jaws as tall as their bodies, revealing rows of sharp black teeth and proving they were little more than brainless mouths. I slashed the thin wood through their insubstantial bodies, and the imps exploded into harmless black glitter. I smiled and pressed the tip of the wand into my palm, collapsing the hollow segments like an old radio antenna until it was short enough to return to the back pocket of my jeans. The real evil had been a demon camping in their midst, taking advantage of my newbie enforcer status and weak control of my region.

Besting it had nearly killed me, but survival had firmed my resolve to stick to my new career path. I crouched next to the empty black puddle. I found it repulsive and took great delight in destroying it. If I were using normal sight, a light as bright as my hand would have left a stain on my retina and cast shadows around my feet. I liked to think of Primordium as soul sight, because Primordium afforded me a black-and-white morality-based view of the world. Living things fell in two categories: white and good, like plants and animals, and black and bad, like imps and their more intelligent cohorts, vervet.

It sounded simplistic until humans were thrown into the mix. The pure white souls of enforcers, mine included, were an exception and a necessity. My job was to fight evil, and my soul was my weapon.