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The road is actually called Surprise Valley RD. You will pass through Eagleville 15 mi — 26 min. The color of the road completely changes. Welcome to Nevada 8 mi — 15 min.

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You will notice the lack of anything except hills and scrub bushes. You pass Planet X Pottery 50 mi — 1 hour 30 min. You arrive in Gerlach 10 mi — 15 min.

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You will see more police officers in Gerlach than you saw during your entire journey. They have no problem writing tickets for any offense.

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  • However, it has been our experience that the officers will treat you with the same amount of respect that you show them. So our advice is to be courteous to the locals and participants alike. Remember, anything you do reflects on the event as a whole. Head north from Gerlach to the fork in the road 1 mi.

    Veer right and continue on NV 11 mi. On the right side of the road you should see the entrance of the event. Follow the signs posted by Burning Man staff to conclude the journey. There will be directions on how to get to the event from here. Follow the posted signs, drive below the speed limit and if you for some reason cannot find your way, stop at a bar and ask for directions. I highly recommend that you top off your tank before heading out to the event. From the North starting in Canada by Blackstrap Jack.

    Why is Burning Man so popular amongst Canadians? The theories are many-kinship with dust, higher national creativity average, the promise of warmth-but none of them really have much to do with the subject at hand. Nothing against the nice Customs officials who work so hard to keep America safe from our socialized medicine, shockingly low dollar and poutine, but no one likes crossing the border.

    Do Wear nice clothes when crossing the border. Remember, you can be denied entry for no particular reason-why make it any easier for them to just say no? A clean face guys, shave! Remember, Burning Man observes all state and federal laws, especially those dealing with certain substances that shall remain nameless on this page. No matter the proximity to Canada, no matter the shared geography or dangerously similar cultural signifiers, never forget that you are travelling to a foreign country. Watch Midnight Express before you pack.

    Clean out the ashtrays, look under the seats, dig behind the cushions.

    There And Back AMAZING CARD TRICK Performance!

    Do Pick an alternate route. Split east at Salem Highway 22 or Albany Highway 20 and travel the lava fields through Bend; the roads are smooth and empty and very relaxing. Your regional contact [link to BRCYR: regional contacts] might have some suggestions about travel from your area, too. And never, ever, show them your ticket. It may just vanish. Do Know your passengers! If carpooling, make sure your fellow travelers have no skeletons in their closets.

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    If they do, and U. People have been refused entry for things like having an impaired driving conviction or a shoplifting offense. Also, if you just met your fellow travelers, learn a little about each other and make sure you have a story ready about how you all met they have been known to ask. Customs simply cannot accept that fact that people give things away for free. Better alternatives are mailing the items to an American friend before the event, or spreading the bounty over several vehicles and then converging on the playa.

    Both states, though friendly, are fairly conservative: the better you blend into the blacktop, the smoother your trip will be. Vehicle repairs are expensive anywhere in the States, so give it a once-over before you leave and carry a basic emergency kit for your vehicle: flat tire inflater, radiator stop-leak, jumper cables, extra fuses, coolant, oil, pantyhose for the fan belt , bungee cords for anything else , and, most importantly, a CAA card.

    The card, and change for the phone, will get you AAA service wherever you break down-even in Klamath Falls.

    I know. I will. With flippers, yeah. Work that cultural stereotype! Black Rock is a high-altitude desert and it gets really, really cold there especially when the wind blows, which is often. This is the one aspect of Burning Man that Canadians do better than their American cousins: we know how to handle cold. Who danced their way through that unexpected 3 a.

    Who have the best looking mukluks on the playa? Who already own flame-topped toques? Yup, Canadians. Do Play up your cultural differences on the playa. Do Leave your suspicions at home. Before you head off to Burning Man, you should sit down with a map and look at where you are going just to familiarize yourself with the different routes that are available. You should consider all of these options, but make your decision on which route to take right at the moment you get in your vehicle.

    In all honesty, you should take out a map and discover your own way to go. If you are driving all the way to Black Rock City from places near Los Angeles, you already have a hell of a drive ahead of you. Burning Man itself is such an incredible experience that you might as well go ahead and make the damn drive interesting. Regardless of the route, you are still looking at over ten hours of driving.

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    Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth and turn left, staying on Hwy for 75 miles to Empire Continue 3 miles on Hwy to Gerlach. This route is primarily reserved for RV enthusiasts, truck drivers and tourists who depend on corporate owned and operated chain restaurants and hotels to get them across the country without incident. This is, by far, the most lackluster approach to Burning Man one could make. Just when you think this ride has sunk as low into the suck-pit as it possibly could, you drive by a gargantuan cattle ranch that, day or night, has such an overwhelming funk to it that you can smell it for miles before and after you drive by it.

    Interstate 5 just sucks, plain and simple. The only improvement comes when you finally get on I and head into the Sierra Nevada mountains and see some wilderness, great views and, of course, the site of the infamous Donner party. The biggest advantage of this route is that if you are trying to make decent time in getting to or from Burning Man, you can speed like crazy. The only legitimate reason for taking this route is if you are leaving Los Angeles close to dusk.

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    The I-5 portion of the route is straight and flat and relatively safe — going through the mountains from Sacramento to Reno is a bit trickier. Be very careful! If you can, though, prepare in advance and leave in the early morning so that you can avoid this route at all costs. You have set off on a journey to the most avante-garde arts event in the world, why go normal? Get weird from the get-go and go a weird way.

    Discover that desolation out there before it turns into urban sprawl, already! This is a fantastic way to get to Burning Man if you want to go off the main roads, but not too far off.

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    This is a great drive through the Mojave Desert and when you get into the Sierra Nevada mountains it becomes simply incredible, with breathtaking views all around. You are often in places quite rural and remote but there are still plenty of services and supermarkets and restaurants to keep you from going into convulsions or heavy breathing.

    Instead, we want to think a little bit more about the word "hobbit" as the title of J. Tolkien's first major novel. If the word "hobbit" was suggestive enough to make Tolkien want to write a whole darn book about it, what does the title The Hobbit make us want to do? Well, the title is an excellent way of marketing a book to a reader: it inspires us with suspense to know more.