Space-Age Cowboys - Aerospace in the Psychedelic Sixties

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Innovations in Aerospace Technology: 10 Million Patents and Beyond- What's New in Aerospace

Four years later, on May 29, , Kramer's Ford Aerostar van was found at the bottom of a Malibu ravine by hikers in a canyon about 1. Strutting along the aisles of the plane, they were supposed to partially strip while in the air. Despite their fantastical look, these helmets had a practical purpose — to protect the elaborate hairdos hostesses were required to wear. The Air Strip collection sparked a long and lucrative relationship between Pucci and Braniff. Uniforms were designed and then shed readily as fashion accelerated towards the s. As such, in , Pucci cranked up the psychedelic factor.

Shedding the multi-layered modernism of Air Strip, he produced these eye-sizzling cat suits in a range of Op-art inspired designs.

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Of course, the space helmets remained — but this look certainly seems to be inspired not just by outer space, but by a hallucinogenic inner vision. Despite not having an aerospace agency themselves, Greece placed itself firmly in the Space Age by commissioning Pierre Cardin for its flag-carrying service, Olympic Airways. The company was known for achieving levels of gaudy luxury impressive even by late-sixties standards.

In first class, hostesses would serenade passengers with regional ditties on a baby grand piano.

A look at the glamour and chauvinism of aviation’s Space Age era

Even in economy, customers were given gold-plated cups and tableware. This, however, was a surprisingly chic and minimal direction for the company. Of all of the American airlines operating in the mid-century and this is saying a lot Pacific Southwest pushed misogynistic marketing the furthest. The adverts alone would be unthinkable today; in they ran a double-entendre filled television spot , which featured their hostesses performing in a beauty pageant, while seducing the presenter of the ad.

These smilingly servile models were plastered on every piece of PSA promotional material — including the ticket jackets shown above. Such was the flammability of the polyester used in this orange and pink ensemble, hostesses would regularly return home with cigarette holes melted into their hot pants. On Southwest the go-go boots were high, and the hemlines even higher.

When Sex Ruled the Skies | Space Age Stewardess Uniforms - Amuse

The uniform was given a yet more restrictive look with the addition of a thick, plastic and oh-so-seventies white cowboy belt. Apache Portal!

A Search for Truth? In December after a 7 week U.

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They have also contributed to the VBS. With Engineer Riley Bray , Kirpatrick Thomas and crew conducted their way around the film which was released worldwide in the digitally in Williams , Abigail Bean , Simon Chan , and many others.

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The music crossed genres such as Bollywood songs , Science fiction, Exploitation films, and Film noir. The rest of the year proved to be a busy tour schedule into as the band toured the U. Classic Soundtracks Vol.

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Hollywood, CA with Jello Biafra has been acting as producer in the project. It is said that the album will debut on Alternative Tentacle Records. Gurzi, and Rich Ragsdale captured the group traveling, performing, and visiting each destination. It was a heavy, rigorous, daring journey which saw the band and crew up before sunrise then camping in the desert most nights.

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They also uncovered an engraved signature carved by non other than Charles Manson when they inspected some finds at the old abandoned county courthouse in Beaumont, NV. Her castanet skills quickly adding to the bands new flare for mariachi inspired rock. The band found difficult times on this tour as they had to replace their trusty tour van mid-tour in New York City drummer James Acton sleeping in the back of a U-Haul box truck.