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Aubrey Wynne. The Once and Future Queen. Kathleen Herbert. Gray Lady, Lady gray. The Vampire's Bride.

Isabella Olivia Ellis. Love's Liberty. Lesley-Anne McLeod. The Body Reader. Ray Wilkins. Alex F. The Vanishing.

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Rebekah Lewis. Natalia Hunter. Save as Many as You Ruin. Simon Van Booy. Bram Stoker. Octavius Coogan. Miss Justine and the Feathers. Janette Simonson. The Out of Order Detective.

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Elizabeth Bruner. Sean McGee. The Enchanted Truth. Kym Petrie. The Butterfly Affect. Patrice Stanton. High School Heroes: The Guardian. James Mascia. To Keep Away The Chill and other victorian stories.


The Unseen Wonder. Anne Van. Black Leather, White Lace; Vernon. Spare Room. Dara Girard. Bite Me-A Short Story.

Seance Anything

John Grover. The Stairwell Princess. DC Wilson. Our Heroines Suffer a Scandal. Elizabeth Kingston. Austen the Time Travelling Hero. Dan Drewes. JG Hampton.

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