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Donald Trump created a permanent presidential campaign. Here’s how.

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In the book Steamship Travel in the Interwar Years, Tourist and Third Class, authors Lorraine Coons and Alexander Varias describe an alleged effort of travel writer Ludwig Bemelmans to buy a ticket for a crossing in third class to see how it compared to the luxuries of first class. What that tumult means if anything is not clear. The state of the race is fluid, many voters remain undecided, and they probably will remain that way until pretty close to election day.

The three remain far ahead of the rest of the field, though Warren has widened her lead over Sanders in national polls. But there are still 20 Democrats in the race, a dozen of whom will be on the October debate stage.

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Campaigns are still building out their ground games in crucial early states, where their coalitions are overlapping. All of this puts the race in a state of flux, and although national and local polls put Warren, Sanders, and Biden at the top of the field, many of the same polls suggest voters have not yet solidly gotten behind a single candidate. Smith suggested looking at New Hampshire, the first primary state where voters are being inundated with visits from presidential candidates as an example.

Warren held a 3-percentage-point lead ahead of Biden in the early October poll from Quinnipiac, with 29 percent of the support.

That said, in most state polls all three top candidates remain within the margin of error of each other, Smith pointed out, noting that a lot of polling this early on still comes down to name recognition. Kamala Harris supporters. Biden wins overwhelmingly with voters over the age of 65, and with African American voters.

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Warren has won over white liberal college graduates, though she is making bigger inroads with minority voters. And Sanders is holding on to his working-class base and picks up nearly half of the youngest voters, who despite being known for lower voter turnout, have been increasingly mobilized in recent elections. That said each candidate has clear vulnerabilities.

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  2. Beto O’Rourke Enters the 2020 Presidential Campaign.
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In an election where most Americans care most about electability, Biden and Sanders fair better although only slightly matched up against Trump. Sanders has been off the campaign trail for more than a week, after having a heart attack in Las Vegas in early October. And he has been forced to answer for his health. Sanders is expected to be back on the campaign trail in the coming days, after spending time at his home in Burlington, Vermont.

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Sanders had a heart attack while on a campaign swing through Nevada, a crucial early state where recent polls have shown him tied for first place with Biden. His campaign canceled events and appearances, including a presidential forum on gun safety and a town hall on his plans to erase medical debt, pass single-payer Medicare-for-all health care, and expand Social Security.

The year-old senator has been on a relentless campaign schedule — one that has come to define his political style. Sanders is known to hold upward of four events a day in early primary states. He told reporters he will initially have to scale back that schedule, but he clarified in an interview with NBC that he intends to build back up to that pace. In , voters 50 years and older made up 58 percent of Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa; 28 percent were 65 and older.