Private Investigations: A Novel of Bondage

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But this time, undercover may be exactly what the killer wants. A rich, politically connected CEO dies in his private dungeon on a foggy San Fran night-beaten and castrate Detective Kate Dawson and her partner are assigned the case. She knows the only way to catch the killer is to become part of that world. In , John switched gears from writing and literature to study psychology, and earned a degree as a clinical psychologist.

Today, John lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and is a dean at Broward College.

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Intimate Bondage is his first published novel in the Kate Dawson series. Read more.

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Intimate Bondage

Title Author. Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. Author's Bio There is no author biography for this title. Intimate Bondage. It is our intention to demonstrate to the world the machinations of the corporation of crime, its political power, its enslavery of 5, fallen women in the segregated districts and twice as many more at large within the city, its annual earnings from a toleration of vice and crime, its prostitution of the police department, and its hideous and myriad ways of trapping new victims to take the places of those whom it had driven to despair and untimely death.

The story is shocking to your moral sense; paralyzing to your brain; but it is the Truth. It should be known. Too long have we groped blindly in the dark. An hour of awakening is needed. Vice might be eradicated if the vast system, whose existence we are about to describe, could be first obliterated. Unless the root be removed, the evil will grow rapidly again, despite sincere and persistent reforms.

This book is not the fantastic, lurid picturing of the shames of women and the crimes of men.

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It is an expose of how not more than ten men whom we call the Directorate of Ten, create, organize, mobilize and lead, and derive almost fabulous profits from, an army of thousands of unfortunates. It is the story of a power wrested from the people at the debauched ballot boxes and used as the weapon to murder men and women annually. This is not the dream of an overzealous mind seeking sincerely to right a terrible wrong. It is a cold, statistical narration of facts. The average Chicago man or woman knows of the thousand and one forms of vice that flourish in Chicago, but he or she does not know that the entire vice system works in harmony like the most delicate piece of mechanism.

The voters do not know that vice is more perfectly organized in Chicago today than any corporation in existence. The writer has set out to show in [Pg 12] the glaring, white light of truth the real causes of the present social evil. The social evil today does not find its ultimate reason in unrestrained passions, human viciousness and weakness; it finds its reason in the commercialization of debased creatures and the enslavement of them in profitable labors to their masters, until death. The Vice Trust to increase constantly its profits has a thousand lures for the unwary.

The masters of these infamous pitfalls are the lieutenants of this monstrous trust. The writer knows of all these chasms and has studied the horrifying details of the men and women traps. He has attempted to set them forth and nail the sign of warning above them. The wages of sin is Death! If once a woman or a man is enslaved in any one of the traps set by the Vice Trust then death lies at the end of a short path.

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Yearly, thousands of young and pure girls and ambitious and clean young men, come to Chicago as to the city of dreams, pleasure and glory. Yearly, thousands are trapped and soon pay the awful penalty. The city boy and the city girl are not immune. Many of them meet similar fates. If the writer can stem the rush of these young souls to the fires of living hells he will feel well rewarded for his task. He has endeavored, by placing the responsibility for the social evil on corrupt politics that has created a grafting, robbing, and murdering Vice Trust, to put the subject in a new and interesting light.

To the men and women who sleep not, because their children, young and undefiled, are growing up within the reach of an insatiable monster, does the [Pg 13] writer particularly appeal. He has attempted to show that the Vice Trust, the secret cause of municipal degradation, is the monster that must be annihilated. The Chicago police department is an inefficient and corrupted body today, that is protecting vice and not destroying it, because a majority of its members are enslaved by the Vice Trust.

Every vice, every sin, every crime has its price of toleration.

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This is the reign of the triumvirate of vice, graft and political corruption. To all men of character and worth, to every father and every mother with the welfare of their children at heart, the writer appeals in the battle against this hideous evil. One soul saved, one man helped, one woman turned from the pathway of hell will give this volume a human value. Seventy-five years ago a body of pioneer souls who dared death for the dream of individual liberty, wealth and happiness, founded a city, and after the manner of the times, adopted an Indian name and called it Chicago.

The city grew, prospered, flourished; likewise did the inhabitants. Nature seemed to bless all who settled within her boundaries.

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Resources undreamed of were discovered. The lake breezes fanned the tiny flame of future greatness and the sun warmed the ambitious blood of the early inhabitants. She became the golden gate to the unexplored West. She became the cosmopolitan and central point of a world power. Chicago was talked of, considered, bargained with from East to West, and North to South. Chicago has blinded herself to the hideous truth. She has hidden her head, closed her eyes and cried out:.

Vice, like some slimy, hideous, mephitic, green-eyed monster from the deepest abyss of Hell has crept, sinuous and noiseless, on an unsuspecting people. It has battened upon red, pure life-blood. It has fattened on white flesh.

It has destroyed virginal purity, public morals and political honesty. The monster has been insatiable. Satan, king of the damned dead since the Beginning, urged on the monster Vice.

Of Human Bondage Part 2/3 Full Audiobook by W. Somerset MAUGHAM by General Fiction

His political minions kneeled and offered sacrifice to the incarnate Evil of the World. To save themselves they fed him of the rich and sacred stores of the city. They took their portion. They still feed the monster.

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They are its slaves; they, appointed by the people to safeguard them and to make their laws. The monster Vice is fed by the police and politicians, who, under cover of night and darkness, plunder, steal, cheat and murder to satisfy its greed. Then, in this twentieth century of culture, refinement and progress, he would stand outside the gates, smile in triumph and speak this,—the living, shameful, naked truth:. Babylon had its vices; so, too, Alexandria.

Greece and Rome struggled and died in a national moral degeneracy they had created. Chicago leads the world in evil today.

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  7. She stalks at the head of the Army of Sin:—a beautiful, sensuous mistress and paramour to a personalized god of named and unnamed Crime. The army is composed [Pg 18] of bodies and souls that Hell has claimed but not called. Their destinies are still unfinished on earth.

    Because she has taken the failings, sins, defects, crimes, miseries and vices of humanity, hurled them into a seething caldron of infamy, melted them, amalgamated them and commercialized them. A Vice-Graft system has been created.