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You get lost in the longing and most likely, get stuck on it. Feeling deprived. And when you have it, you enjoy every bite.

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Feeling the desire and diving in, letting yourself have it. Our ability to feel and embody desire has the potential to transform our lives, our relationships, and our men. But unfortunately, most of us have totally shut off our relationship to our yearning. The distinction is that longing implies a strong desire for something that seems unattainable.

It makes us feel hopeless. Or even… enraged. We turn to our to-do lists or our TV to shove it down.

Dan Caplen - Longing For You

Or we may act out, shaming, blaming and attacking our men for not meeting us in the way we want to be met. With yearning, you can turn your man on. You can wake him up.

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You can feel more pleasure and remember the things you really desire. The things that turn you on and make you feel juicy and alive. I see your paintings on my wall I wish that she would call And I'm waiting for the fall when you'll come back to me So leave me longing, my one and only Leave me longing for you So leave me lonely Leave me longing for you. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter.

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Leave Me Longing Ben Caplan. All my books I put away on the shelves we built together My clothes are neatly folded in the drawers The german plant you bought for me has been watered All my records have been put back in order The dishes have been done I swept the floors I put your paintings on my wall Set the mouse traps in the hall Now I'm waiting for the fall when you'll come back to me So leave me longing, my one and only Leave me longing for you The doors have all been open, I let everybody in The house is still alive Without you by my side Life goes on, and on, and on And I still have sunny days And I still have rainy days And I still have days when all I think of is you I see your paintings on my wall I wish that she would call And I'm waiting for the fall when you'll come back to me So leave me longing, my one and only Leave me longing for you So leave me lonely Leave me longing for you.

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Envie pra gente. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Biographers have delighted to relate how painfully Demosthenes made himself a tolerable speaker, - how, with pebbles in his mouth, he tried his lungs against the waves, how he declaimed as he ran up hill, how he shut himself up in a cell, having first guarded himself against a longing for the haunts of men by shaving one side of his head, how he wrote out Thucydides eight times, how he was derided by the Assembly and encouraged by a judicious actor who met him moping about the Peiraeus.

He lay down on the edge of it and I burned with longing to caress him and lie down too. There was passion and a deep longing she innately understood only she was able to fill. He took a disgust to the world and its occupations, and experienced a longing to give himself over to an ascetic life. All derived existence, however, has a drift towards, a longing for, the higher, and bends towards it so far as its nature will permit.

This yearning is a dumb unintelligent longing , which moves like a heaving sea in obedience to some dark and indefinite law, and is powerless to fashion anything in permanence. In England the younger Henry had built himself up a party among the more turbulent section of the baronage, who remembered with regret and longing the carnival of licence which their fathers had enjoyed under King Stephen.

With that sudden rush of excitement came the realization that she had gone an entire day without longing for him. She tipped her head back, longing for him to kiss her the way he used to. Neoplatonism owes its form to Plato, but its underlying motive is the widespread feeling of self-despair and the longing for divine illumination characteristic of the age in which it appears. It also encouraged the growth of a community life, which eventually gave birth to an intense longing for national life.

Louis Napoleon could feel vaguely the state of public opinion in France, the longing for glory from which it suffered, and the deep-rooted discord between the nation and the king, Louis Philippe, who though sprung from the national revolution against the treaties of , was yet a partisan of peace at any price.

Ireland, my Ireland I'm longing for you

Seized in his turn with a longing for the cardinals hat, Dubois paid for it by the registering of the bull Unigenitus and by the persecution of the Jansenists which the regent had stopped. Wonder-workers like Alexander the Paphlagonian exhibit the grosser side of the longing for spiritual communion. The chief responsibility for this rests with the worldly College of Cardinals, who were longing to return to France, and thence drew their inspiration.

The longing to arrive at the one explanation of all things, which had inspired the older philosophers, became less earnest; the belief, indeed, that any such explanation was attainable began to fail.

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In September, Goethe set out from Karlsbad - secretly and stealthily, his plan known only to his servant - on that memorable journey to Italy, to which he had looked forward with such intense longing ; he could not cross the Alps quickly enough, so impatient was he to set foot in Italy. His disappointed ambition prompted him to take the step for which his countrymen were longing , for they too were grumbling at the withdrawal of the "presents," in other words the veiled ransom-money, which for many years they had been accustomed to receive.

Paul's shrinking from the disembodied state and longing to be clothed upon at death in 2 Cor. But the longing for these pledges of the divine assistance was insatiable.