HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels: An Annotated Bibliography

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It is important, they say, that the librarian realize that there are three types of sexual orientation among young adults: the straight, the gay, and then those "in-between. Does it represent gays in an accurate and sympathetic way in order to eradicate homophobia in straights? Does the book give young gays a clear view of decisions ahead of them and how they might meet them? Or does the work give those "on the fence" an up-front picture of gay life that they deserve to see in this heterosexually reinforced society?

All of these questions must be evaluated before any work can be rejected from, or accepted into, a library.

Teen Health Books An Annotated Bibliography HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels

If the deficiencies and qualities are revealed to the reader, the novels can accomplish what they are meant to do. Heron, Ann, ed. One Teenager in Ten. Alyson Publications, Inc. One Teenager in Ten is a compilation of autobiographical writings by homosexual youth. The submissions were voluntarily written for the purpose of this book and tell how these young people discover and accept their sexual orientation.

The writers share significant experiences and stories and provide support and advice for their readers. They also share whether or not they tell their friends and family of their homosexuality and the various reactions they receive. Each story is different, just like every individual. This is a wonderful book for all young people to read, but especially for young people who are, or think they might be, gay. Approximately one of every ten people is homosexual. This collection of true stories will let young adults know that they are not alone and will surely provide them with experiences they can relate to.

Phifer, Nan. Nan Phifer takes her turn in yet another battle against homophobia in this review of A. Homes' novel, Jack. In her high school class, Phifer effectively compared the actions of a gay father to that of a heterosexual father and found that the students in her class were more favorable toward the former. The compassion and quality time given to Jack by his newly realized gay father is unparalleled by his friend Max's father. This fact was a wonderful surprise for Phifer.

Not only was the class more favorable toward this man's actions, but reading the book also shattered some of their stereotypes of gays in the process. Jack forces students to face their own assumptions and attitudes. In doing so, they can address their own faults and strengths and grow from there.

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A strength in the article is that Phifer gives examples of how she used the story in her lesson plan and gives advice on how it could be added to any other plans or curriculum. With its use of slang and vernacular, it is much like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , creating a stark reality any reader can grab ahold of.

Phifer emphasizes that literature is one weapon teachers can use to combat the ignorance and hate of homophobia. Bad Boy is a young adult novel about A. The boys spend all of their time together and are dedicated hockey players. One day A. He does not want to be associated with homosexuality and feels his only option is to cut off the friendship.

In addition to breaking ties with Tulsa, A. Slowly, A. Young adults, especially young athletic males, can relate to this novel. It realistically addresses how the macho stereotype influences people and also points out that homosexuals can be anyone and possess a variety of interests.

Wieler successfully relates the effects that homosexuality has on friendships and how it is dealt with by both parties involved.

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Williams, Robert F. This article provides a valuable resource guide for finding interesting and helpful material and literature pertaining to homosexuality in young adult literature. Williams brings to light some powerful statistics. For one, the Kinsey Institute supplied information stating that "ten percent of the population is homosexual" p.

This alone is not a staggering percentage until one realizes that a high school with 1, students may have up to gay or lesbian students -- one to three in every classroom p. This information supports the movement for homosexually oriented young adult literature to be included in the libraries and required reading lists nation and schoolwide.

To support this movement, Williams provides a thorough and extensive list of resources and YA novels that pertain to this subject. Also given are the names of organizations devoted to this same cause. The list of works contains an extensive annotated bibliography that gives brief summaries of the included material. These are offered to help combat the stereotypes involved in homophobia. These are included not only to shed light on the ignorance of homophobia, but also to supply gay teens with the positive role models they need, ones so frequently absent in most YA literature.

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Williams provides a thorough presentation of works that are available to benefit both the gay and straight adolescent reader as well as teachers and parents. Wilson, David E. The importance and influence of literature in the lives of adolescents is great. Adolescents look to literature to help them with questions they have that "are not to be asked" or that students are afraid to ask.

Doing so affects the gay teenager, as well as the straight, but most importantly those caught in-between. Wilson notes that the problem arises when students are in need of this help but cannot find it in the libraries. Where are they to turn to but outside the school environment? Out there, the sources are not picked for their advantages, their helping voice, but for availability. These sources often cause more harm than good to the knowledge-hungry teen because of biased, stereotyped views on homosexuality.

This potential damage is why valuable resources are desperately needed in our public and school libraries. Chapter 4 Family Life.

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Appendix C Autism Novels by Genre. Appendix F Coding Sheets. About the Authors. Her teaching and research interests have been in disabilities and literature for youth. Annette Y. Goldsmith is lecturer in the University of Washington Information School. Batchelder Award. She is the author of Practical Evaluation Techniques for Librarians and is an accrediting site visitor and team chair for the Higher Learning Commission and the American Library Association.

HIV AIDS in Young Adult Novels An Annotated Bibliography

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