Dinosauria - Part XII: Worthy Adversary

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Dinosauria: Part IV: Nuevogato. Dinosauria: The Complete Volume I. Eversummer: The Forerunner Archives Book 1. The Dinosauria Cycle. Diplodocus is a dinosaur that lived about million years ago—during the Jurassic Period—in parts of Western North America. It was first discovered in by Samuel Wendell Williston and was subsequently named by Othniel Charles Marsh in This dinosaur is not only one of the most recognizable dinosaurs on the planet, but is also considered to be one of the longest.

An adult Diplodocus could be over feet long, While other dinosaur species may later prove to be longer than this one, this species is currently the longest one due to the fact that it has more complete skeletal specimens than other dinosaurs do. It is believed that this dinosaur could whip its tail in much the same way as the Apatosaurus did; Cracking the tail like a bullwhip. Computer models have since shown that the speeds of this tail flicking could have reached the supersonic level, producing a sound much like a cracking bullwhip.

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However, since the tail of these dinosaurs weighed in excess of pounds, the sound of this motion would be more like cannon fire and less like a whip crack. Plant materials that this animal could strip without using much bite force. It is also believed that these leaves were then allowed to ferment in this dinosaurs extended belly until it was broken down enough for the nutrients to be extracted and used by the animal. Rarity: Epic. Tier: Omega. Health: Damage: Speed: So, thoughts on this dinosaur?

Is it worth including on a team?

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Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of? Diplodocus has massive amounts of health giving good survivability for an animal with no armour.

The Verdict

It has reasonable damage and surprisingly good speed for such a large animal. Diplodocus is a fairly standard sauropod with typical stats and abilities. Shield Advantage is a new one though but is going to be all that useful? I think not. I finally have one of these but see no reason to pursue leveling it up at this time unless we get some interesting Diplodocus hybrid.

I only have Diplodocus because of the recent dinosaur of the week event. I hunted around purely to find event drops with it.