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Leobotas — The soldier slain by Geminata and whose armor and amulet is taken for her disguise. In the story, I often describe zombie ants has being in a leprous condition as the phorid flies slowly take over their bodies. I, along with generations of students, have hoped for a means to learn by osmosis and the Formicidaen Leafcutters have the answer.

Antennae would have to be issued along with library cards—only a minor technological challenge to overcome for some aspiring inventor. The Leafcutter libraries are place where instincts are preserved. Mandible Islands — See Maps. Mandibles — TBD. Mantis Graveyard — The site where the Leafcutters collect the claws of male mantises to be fabricated into weapons. As the females eat the males after mating, the claws of the males are strewn everywhere. The only danger is that the females, who are now protecting their eggs, are everywhere too! Mantisfly — [More to come when Book 3 — Slave Makers is released.

Mayfly — Mayflies have a short lifespan, but can swarm so thickly and widely that it shows up on weather radar. Marine copepod — [More to come when Book 2 — Rise of Achilles is released. Mosses — Mosses are cultivated by ants for a variety of reasons, including oxygen and light. Mouth parts — TBD Insects do not have mouths, they have mouth parts.

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Professor Tschinkel, of the Florida State University, has made incredible molds of the interior of ant nests. Have a look! Unlike regular ants which were dizygotic or non-identical mass-tuplets, these were monozygotic or identical triplets. Because of their effectiveness, they were also known as the brothers, the three, the arrowhead, the spear tip, and the Minims. These are my favorite characters in Book 1. Their names are borrowed from Book of Mormon. Antipas is pictured below:. These tiny flies do in fact lay their eggs in the ants and the larvae literally no joke!

So I made them parthenogenetic, or able to reproduce asexually. Once a phorid fly has grown inside an ant, it severs the head of its host ant body, crawls out of the head through the neck cavity, unfurls its wings, and buzzes away looking for a mate and another victim. Pi and factors of three — TBD one reference to 3.

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As you read, see if you can find the references to multiples of three. For example, the dimensions of the Formicidaen walls, Leafcutter military formations, etc. Polyergus Rufescens — In Book 3 — Slave Makers, this brutal slaver ant queen attempts to infiltrate the leafcutter nest, assassinate Queen Atta and take over the nest by shifting her scent signatures and hydrocarbon profile making the leafcutter workers and soldiers believe that she is their queen. This is a real phenomenon in South American ants, by the way.

Shift coloration? These are listed below. Propodeal spines — Used as attachment points for beetle armor. Queen — The mother and ruler of a family of ants.

Some nests have single queens while others may have numerous queens. Revoada — During a revoada, winged females and males leave their nests is large groups for a nuptial flight. Then the females land, lose their wings, and search for suitable sites to set up their new colonies. Royal Guard — The highly skilled troops assigned to guard the queen of an ant species.

Sand Flea — These creatures are found along beaches and coastal regions, and also in deserts. In Book 2 Rise of Achilles , the delirious Forel tries dangerously I might add to organize the activities of gnats and sand fleas before they finally reach the fire ant mound. These ants are the only known insect to use formic acid as a herbicide. Until the ants were discovered, the cause of large clearings in the Amazon rainforest was a mystery.

It is estimated that the largest garden has over trees spread over about 4, square feet. The main characters in the Schumanni colony are listed below. Sculpture — An alto high form is almost completely carved from its surface. It is highly shaped, with very little of the structure touching the base or plane. In fact, it could possibly stand-alone if the base or plane were removed. Egyptians commonly uses alto-relief sculptures of gods or Pharaohs attached to their temples. Alto reliefs were also common among Greeks and Romans. A bas low form is a relief that barely extends past the base.

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These are common as wall decorations on Greek or Roman buildings and are the type mostly seen on the Coliseum. A sunken-relief sculpture is an image that is carved into the surface, rather than out of it. Slaver — Slaver ants are a reality in nature, with some slavers stealing eggs and making the ants slaves to a foreign queen. As far as I know, this is make-believe. He is placed underground as a subterranean defense and is killed in that way. Others were above ground and became victims of the army ants and the butterflies.

Books 2 and 4. Strength — It is well known that ants can lift objects many times heavier than themselves. Mating among ants is different than alluded to in the story, and I leave that topic to the well-suited skills of the parents of my readers.

Symbiosis — Any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms. Symbiosis can be obligatory, which means that one or both of the symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival, or facultative optional when they can generally live independently.

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Nodosa is given one of these amulets to guarantee safe passage into the Leafcutter realm. Solenopsis Geminata steals a similar talisman from a victim thinking it will add to her disguise, only to have it become her undoing. These ants capture, tame and train the many beetle species that are domesticated by the Leafcutters.

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But it is this feature that allows grasping of tools and weapons. This and superior intelligence and standing upright set Formicidaens apart from other creatures. This is the inspiration for the unexpected tactic employed by the zombies. The massive termite mounds of Africa are cemented together with chewed up and partially digested wood and saliva.

For example, army ants cross waterways on bridges made of other ants. Weaver ants make nests by gluing leaves together with silk secreted by their larvae. Adults carry the larvae around, squeezing silk from them like glue from bottles until the leaf edges are stuck together from end to end.

Listed below are some of the fanciful weapons and equipment used by the Leafcutters in the story. Wheel Bug — An assassin bug with a large cog wheel crest on its back. This is the bug that attacks the fire ant super soldier Maxillosa in Book 1 Zombie Nest. Searching for Words. Scientific Terms. In real life, scientific names for insects and plants are rendered with the first word in upper case and the second in lower case e.