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It's the flip side of the genius that carries the show. Vox rated the episode 3. Allison Shoemaker of The A. It's got a couple of good twists, some familiar to readers of the stories and others not.

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It's affecting and funny and moving and smart, and in short, a great script. But just because something checks all the right boxes doesn't mean it totally works, and Steven Moffat 's script falls a bit flat where it really counts. It's as if he's blinded to the big picture by his own considerable gifts.

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You can help by adding to it. January Meduza in Russian.

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Retrieved 9 January Channel One in Russian. Den of Geek. Retrieved 25 September The Guardian. The Independent. The A. Hudson , who effectively subdues him. Hudson races with an intoxicated and bound Sherlock in the boot of her Aston Martin Vantage S to see John while he is at his therapist's house for a session. Sherlock accuses Smith of being a serial killer and asks John to help bring him down. Much to John's shock and annoyance, the arrival of a car sent by Smith, and of Molly Hooper with an ambulance to his therapist's house at the exact time, were all prearranged by Sherlock two weeks prior, even before John had chosen his new therapist.

Sherlock and John arrive at a studio to meet with Smith, after which the latter takes them to visit a new hospital wing for which he had been a major donor. He subtly hints to Sherlock and John at being a serial killer while meeting with a group of children at the hospital. Smith continues to give them a tour of the hospital by taking Sherlock and John down to his 'favourite room', the mortuary , whilst repeatedly referring to the American serial killer H.

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John asks Smith how he moves through all of the rooms freely, to which Smith replies that he has keys to the hospital. Sherlock tries to goad Smith into a confession just as Faith arrives, having been texted by Sherlock from Smith's phone. But upon seeing her, Sherlock realises that she was not the woman who had come to his flat a few weeks earlier. Frustrated and suffering from withdrawal , Sherlock moves to attack Smith with a scalpel, but is stopped by John.

John attacks Sherlock out of anger, and blames him for Mary's death. Sherlock is admitted into Smith's hospital, where John pays him one last visit. Sherlock is then visited by Smith, who enters the room through a secret door.

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  • Sherlock states that he wishes for Smith to kill him, despite his fear of death which was asserted in the Series Three episode His Last Vow , and Smith complies after confessing to his murders. Unknown to him, the events were part of Sherlock's elaborate ploy to expose Smith and fulfill Mary's last wish for Sherlock to "save John" by "going to Hell" " The Six Thatchers ".

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    Acting on Mary's orders, Sherlock puts himself in harm's way so that John would be compelled to rescue him, thus mending their broken friendship and "saving" himself. After seeing Mary's video for himself back at B Baker Street, John rushes to the hospital and arrives just in time to pull Smith off the suffocating Sherlock. Believing that he would be able to get away without proof of his confession, Smith is surprised when Sherlock reveals a recording device hidden in John's old walking stick which John had left behind earlier.

    John reconciles with Sherlock, telling him that he no longer blames him for Mary's death. He also confesses to Sherlock that he had cheated on her by texting with another woman. Sherlock comforts him as he weeps, and John's hallucinations of Mary finally disappear. During John's next session, his therapist reveals that she was the one who had pretended to be both Faith and the woman with whom John had been texting.